creative kim dan-ah

Dan-ah Kim is a Korean artist who was born in Seoul but has lived around the world from Mexico to both coasts of the U.S.A. She attended Pratt Institute and now lives and works in Brooklyn New York. Kim is drawn to the chaotic and collaborative film environment as well as the isolated experience of an illustrator. She enjoys her illustration work because it gives her the chance to work and explore her creativity individually.


wedding joy

It is sad to be back from these last four days of sentiment and joy at my friend’s wedding in Santorini. Put the most romantic island of the world together with the first time that such a close friend of mine gets married and you can guess the result. The couple had made sure to make us all cry and laugh as they had planned the wedding day to be full of surprises for each other and for the guests. I described it to be more of a show, than a wedding as there was so much singing and dancing evolved. 


summer loving

Though I have been web searching for hours I am not feeling like writing about anything else than summer. Yes, the season! We are questioning our vacations this year and I am reminessing all the great time I have had at the greek islands the years before and I looked through some of my last years’ pictures. That’s some of the ones that made me sigh.


video art goes to festival

Remember the video I was doing with a friend that I talked about here?
Well I am glad to inform you that it was chosen to participate at the Video Art festival Miden at Kalamata. The festival will hold projections at Amfia square in Kalamata and it will take place from the 7th to the 9th of july. Our video, named “Trail” will be shown on the 7th and unfortunately I don’t think I will make it there. Still I am very happy for the outcome and it was about time I post the whole video for you to see.


weekendology s1ep22

I survived my first bachelorette ever, with just the proper amount of Hangover (without any tattoos or missing anyone). We had a blast yesterday at the beach, mainly because of the bride being in crazy spirit and us running around taking all kinds of wild photos as she wanted us to. A day earlier I had told her that she was allowed to do anything she wanted and she did..., and we followed.
I have very few photos to post, because the theme of the day was to take Polaroid photos (that I absolutely loved) and the digital ones are of course censored to public appearance.


dreamy weddings

As life usually goes, after surviving some very stressful days and my friend’s surgery going even better than expected, I am now counting backwards for another friend’s wedding in a week at the gorgeous island of Santorini. We will be reuniting with the happy couple today at last and as I am trying to get my spirit back up, I thought I would post some pictures of dreamy weddings.


weekendology s1ep21

So close to the actual summer vacations we had a sneak preview this weekend. I went at a friends house in Pylos near Kalamata and we had 3 days of beach, view-watching and relaxing. We went once again to explore Polylimnio, which I have mentioned before here, a place with 9 lakes and many waterfalls and we ate great, homemade food at a stone tavern at Mesohori.


cecilie ellefsen's inspiring sketchbook

Cecilie Ellefsen is an artist and illustrator who works in Oslo, Norway. She loves to draw and always carries her sketchbook with her. She has created many beautiful images both for art exhibitions and for specific concepts as part of a project. Here are same pages of her sketchbook where you can get a taste of her talent. 


chinoise chic or not...

Looking around the internet today nothing really intrigued me so as to post about it, so I went back to my gigabytes of photos from china and I picked out interesting styles I had been photographing while there.


weekendology s1ep20

We got a good taste of summer this weekend, as we got together at a friend’s beach summer house to get a tan, eat and gossip. The beach was perfect as it had the revitalizing breeze, the sun and the proper amount of people. I loved the house too, as the only sound was that of the leaves blowing in the wind and it had the most relaxing atmosphere.


gardens to dream of...

Amir Schlezinger is a very talented garden designer who since finishing his studies in 2000, has designed and managed over 150 projects, cultivating a particular interest in roof gardens.


style for a princess

Some days ago I found out about a brand that is supposed to be among Kate Middleton’s favorites (yes I read all the gossip), even though it is on the cheap side (for her at least).  The brand is british, it first started in 1971 and it prides itself to equally combine quality, design and value.