weekendology s1ep3

This weekend I didn’t do much as we went to a studio flat that my parents bought for the summer and I have been kind of fixing it up. I am doing it all bright yellow, grayish green and black for now with inox touches. I will show you how it turns out.
We were looking for photos to choose from, to put on frames on the walls and we came to these ones of my parents from the 70s that I couldn’t help but post.
This first one of my mother I absolutely love, it looks to me like a French Renaissance portrait. It is taken, as are all, by my uncle who was the only one in the family with a camera back then.

I am fixated with my family’s pictures from the 70s and especially with their style. It all comes down to this question. Where are all these clothes now and why do I only have such few of them.


  1. Absolutely fantastic! Your mum looks so gorgeous! Amazing photos! Well done dad :)

  2. ti paidia vgazei i kastania!!!