spanish and sisters, and accesories

Spanish and sisters is a brand I found recently through a bag I saw and instantly fell in love. The designers are two sisters who started at the Portobello market and are now shelling accesories, belts and bags throughout Spain and Britain.


lucy in the sky. with diamonds.

I am quite attached to the theme of skies, yes the sky. Blue sky, cloudy sky, pink sky. I love looking at it and I love taking photos of it. I love the songs about it. So today thinking about what to post, skies came to mind. Seemed like a good idea to start the week looking at photos of the sky.


DIY madness

I feel like it is about time I post some of the cool DIY concepts I have gathering in my space disk. Some of them might be waiting to be found and transformed in the garbage near you.


the world as a playground by Florentijn Hofman

I have been away too long, so there are ideas waiting to get posted. First is an artist I stumbled upon while doing a web-research and I smiled instantly looking at his work. Florentijn Hofman is a dutch artist that can’t help but stand out through the scale of his work. He likes to create unique, huge installations out in the public space, as he sees it as a big playground. 


happy birthday to youuuuuuuu...

Today is the day that my younger sister is turning 26. How is that possible when she is 4 years younger and I feel 25??


ode to a car

I just bought my first car yesterday, it is a used one, it was previously owned by a friend of mine, it is black and I can’t drive it. The whole point of buying it is to touch up with my driving skills as soon as possible. Since I didn’t get too excited to see it yesterday, I thought I would devote this post to it, through a photo shoot I did with my sisters’ car a year ago, for a photo contest.


7 swims + 10 ice creams

Yesterday night everything went horribly wrong with me ending up being driven home by my dad at 1 in the morning (that kind of sums up the mess that led up to it being my only solution).
On the way home we were listening to the radio, to a quite interestingly profound, yet unwillingly funny radio show, with the listeners calling to talk or sometimes sing live at the radio producer. One granma passed the phone at her granddaughter who talked about her summer and described it as “100 swims at the sea and 40 ice creams”.
That manages to actually make me smile after a series of bad luck. I remembered myself counting ice creams and times at the beach.Unfortunately, it all led up to me counting 7 swims and less than 10 ice creams during the last couple of months. 


happy thoughts with Yago Hortal

Let’s start winter with this eye-catching, soul touching images by spanish, berlin based artist Yago Hortal.  Wishing for a creative, happy, inspiring winter.