the come back

As it turns out I didn’t call it quits and I will be writing once again, or so I say so now. Being away from my misscatterbain side and trying to be much organized and in control, kind of burdens me, as it turns out. So, for the last months I have gotten in a good place professionally wise, doing a job I love and I can’t wait to go to each day (and I appreciate how rare that is) and doing renovations on the side to feed my architectural need too.
Somehow all this that is going on socially wise, as well as personal issues (supposed friends acting like idiots) got to me and today I thought of turning once again at my internet god who figures it all out for me. So I hope I make time to psychoanalyze myself through blogging or just pamper myself with lovely photos.


to moscow my sisters (and to saint petersburg too)

I have been away for so long, first because I was super busy with a project at work and second because I went to Russia.
There is no need (and no time) to elaborate as I will share some photos that tell it all.


weekendology s2ep5

It was an eye opening weekend and as it usually goes, when you manage to go further and further away to look at the big picture, it all makes sense. So as an answer to my puzzled mind, I met my godparents after 20 years of not seeing them. They live outside of Aigio and we had a lovely time together.


Chanel to the rescue

That’s how life goes. It gives us sorrows, it gives us shocks, to learn and get better and put things in perspective. I have been getting a bucket load of all of the above and now I feel like I should be on the defense, to look out of what’s coming next.
In the meantime beautiful clothes always make me feel better so what is more appropriate than photos from the recent catwalk of Chanel for spring-summer 2012.


anthropologie fruity windows

Anthropologie did it again. I had posted about their amazing windows some time ago, here but now they posted on facebook their autumn 2011 windows and they are once again so inspiring.


spanish and sisters, and accesories

Spanish and sisters is a brand I found recently through a bag I saw and instantly fell in love. The designers are two sisters who started at the Portobello market and are now shelling accesories, belts and bags throughout Spain and Britain.


lucy in the sky. with diamonds.

I am quite attached to the theme of skies, yes the sky. Blue sky, cloudy sky, pink sky. I love looking at it and I love taking photos of it. I love the songs about it. So today thinking about what to post, skies came to mind. Seemed like a good idea to start the week looking at photos of the sky.


DIY madness

I feel like it is about time I post some of the cool DIY concepts I have gathering in my space disk. Some of them might be waiting to be found and transformed in the garbage near you.


the world as a playground by Florentijn Hofman

I have been away too long, so there are ideas waiting to get posted. First is an artist I stumbled upon while doing a web-research and I smiled instantly looking at his work. Florentijn Hofman is a dutch artist that can’t help but stand out through the scale of his work. He likes to create unique, huge installations out in the public space, as he sees it as a big playground. 


happy birthday to youuuuuuuu...

Today is the day that my younger sister is turning 26. How is that possible when she is 4 years younger and I feel 25??


ode to a car

I just bought my first car yesterday, it is a used one, it was previously owned by a friend of mine, it is black and I can’t drive it. The whole point of buying it is to touch up with my driving skills as soon as possible. Since I didn’t get too excited to see it yesterday, I thought I would devote this post to it, through a photo shoot I did with my sisters’ car a year ago, for a photo contest.


7 swims + 10 ice creams

Yesterday night everything went horribly wrong with me ending up being driven home by my dad at 1 in the morning (that kind of sums up the mess that led up to it being my only solution).
On the way home we were listening to the radio, to a quite interestingly profound, yet unwillingly funny radio show, with the listeners calling to talk or sometimes sing live at the radio producer. One granma passed the phone at her granddaughter who talked about her summer and described it as “100 swims at the sea and 40 ice creams”.
That manages to actually make me smile after a series of bad luck. I remembered myself counting ice creams and times at the beach.Unfortunately, it all led up to me counting 7 swims and less than 10 ice creams during the last couple of months. 


happy thoughts with Yago Hortal

Let’s start winter with this eye-catching, soul touching images by spanish, berlin based artist Yago Hortal.  Wishing for a creative, happy, inspiring winter.


all clear, vacations ahead

While I have spent most of the summer in Athens I still can’t put myself together to sit down and write an actual post. What’s the deal with the summer? Is it the waves of heat, the much anticipated cool breezes, the light clothes, the colorful cocktails, the cone ice creams?  What is it that makes us so relaxed and out of focus? 


vacation 101

Wow, how sad to write about ones holiday when it s all over … I just came back from Creta yesterday, after a 5 days refreshing vacation made of beautiful, light blue beaches, delicious food and a whole lot of raki. 


weekendology s2ep4

Everything is slowly getting decomposed my routine, my sleep, my mind. As it seems I will be telling you about my weekend on a Wednesday. I once again visited the hot and sunny city of Kalamata where I mostly vacated (in the expected sense of the word) spending most mornings at beach bars, relaxing, eating sea food. Nothing extravagant, very refreshing nonetheless.


kiss the rain

The heat wave has overwhelmed me and I felt like looking at photos of rain today. The truth is that primarily, I wished that it would rain so that I can go around walking and getting soaked, but wishful thinking didn’t work this time. So I took a long look around the net for pictures of rain that I loved and here are some of them.


weekendology s2ep3

These last days I spent at my village in Mani, Kastania, as we celebrated the baptism of my twin nephews. It was a lot of work and kind of hilarious to watch the priest, the parents and the godfathers try to juggle everything inside that small church, taking turns in everything, asking who is who all the time. At the same time it was all about the ultimate cuteness, times two. We decorated the traditional tavern of my uncle, set the tables and everyone ate together when the whole thing was over and the babies were all cried out.


francoise nielly impacting portraits

A couple of years ago walking outside a closed gallery in Barcelona me and my friends had been amazed by some amazing, colorful, paintings of faces close ups. They had such a strong impact on us that some time ago when I came across the French painter Francoise Nielly, I immediately remembered that day when I had first saw her work, even though back then I didn’t know her name. As it turns out she is quite well known, she lives and works in Paris, but was raised in Southern France where the imagery and nature is probably what inspired her incline for the fluorescent colors of his portraits.


old town of nafplio's lovely house

It is time to show you the lovely, authentic, relaxing house we lived in at Nafplio that I mentioned here. It has a ground floor with all the main  living spaces and of course the perfect yard and a first floor with 5 bedrooms where we all sleeped. I don't have as much photos of the interior as I would like, but it had so many vintage furniture to die for, that I wanted to pack it up and take it with me.


weekendology s2ep2

The heat right now in Athens is sucking the life out of me. The whole weekend I was in a heat zone, I couldn’t even move from the heat, but I had to go at the city center as I have recently started work at a great space at monastiraki. 


weekendology s2ep1

My birthday weekend was as perfect as it gets! We had booked an amazing house in Nafplio which was in the center of the old town and had a huge yard where I blew my candles. Now that I am 30 all the craziness of what I should have done is gone.
Even more so, as this birthday was the most fun and crazy than I have had in the last few years. So we still got it and we are never loosing it!


oops, there goes my youth...

The big 3-0 is coming up! The clock is ticking and there are 2 days left. So we are packing up with my best friends to go to the gorgeous Nafplio for a 3 day weekend so as to take the news that we grew up as light as we can. Most of the things  on the "before I turn 30" list have been ticked with the living on my own and driving my own car left hanging and taking an extension of another year.
In the spirit of living the moment and enjoying summer here are some photos that I found here by the very talented greek (at last!) photographer yannis kordakis from his global summer series. Also, here is his site.


surfer's way of life

Yesterday, being in the moaning mode and looking around in the internet I found out about british surf photographer Mickey Smith who is travelling the world looking for waves, taking photos and living the life, as it seems. There is a video titled  "The Dark Side of The Lens" that is featuring him and I found it so very inspiring so there it is.

“I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experience for adventure and for passion… If there’s no future in it, this is a present worth remembering.”  Mickey Smith.

Here is his blog and that’s his site here. I first found the video here.


dream job coming up..

I am not feeling up to anything these days as the current situation of the country as well as my own doesn’t seem to be getting better. There are signs of hope but one by one they seem to get shuttered down. That’s why I was kind of absent from posting.
I will insist on my miss scatterbrain title and get as scatterbrain as I want. I say it but I don’t do it. Now I am doing it.
I am turning 30 in 4 days and my unfulfilled working status is sounding more and more depressing. So I will be sending a message at the internet god with all my dream jobs, meaning I would feel more than fulfilled to be living out of one or more of these professions.
Event planner


creative kim dan-ah

Dan-ah Kim is a Korean artist who was born in Seoul but has lived around the world from Mexico to both coasts of the U.S.A. She attended Pratt Institute and now lives and works in Brooklyn New York. Kim is drawn to the chaotic and collaborative film environment as well as the isolated experience of an illustrator. She enjoys her illustration work because it gives her the chance to work and explore her creativity individually.


wedding joy

It is sad to be back from these last four days of sentiment and joy at my friend’s wedding in Santorini. Put the most romantic island of the world together with the first time that such a close friend of mine gets married and you can guess the result. The couple had made sure to make us all cry and laugh as they had planned the wedding day to be full of surprises for each other and for the guests. I described it to be more of a show, than a wedding as there was so much singing and dancing evolved. 


summer loving

Though I have been web searching for hours I am not feeling like writing about anything else than summer. Yes, the season! We are questioning our vacations this year and I am reminessing all the great time I have had at the greek islands the years before and I looked through some of my last years’ pictures. That’s some of the ones that made me sigh.


video art goes to festival

Remember the video I was doing with a friend that I talked about here?
Well I am glad to inform you that it was chosen to participate at the Video Art festival Miden at Kalamata. The festival will hold projections at Amfia square in Kalamata and it will take place from the 7th to the 9th of july. Our video, named “Trail” will be shown on the 7th and unfortunately I don’t think I will make it there. Still I am very happy for the outcome and it was about time I post the whole video for you to see.


weekendology s1ep22

I survived my first bachelorette ever, with just the proper amount of Hangover (without any tattoos or missing anyone). We had a blast yesterday at the beach, mainly because of the bride being in crazy spirit and us running around taking all kinds of wild photos as she wanted us to. A day earlier I had told her that she was allowed to do anything she wanted and she did..., and we followed.
I have very few photos to post, because the theme of the day was to take Polaroid photos (that I absolutely loved) and the digital ones are of course censored to public appearance.


dreamy weddings

As life usually goes, after surviving some very stressful days and my friend’s surgery going even better than expected, I am now counting backwards for another friend’s wedding in a week at the gorgeous island of Santorini. We will be reuniting with the happy couple today at last and as I am trying to get my spirit back up, I thought I would post some pictures of dreamy weddings.


weekendology s1ep21

So close to the actual summer vacations we had a sneak preview this weekend. I went at a friends house in Pylos near Kalamata and we had 3 days of beach, view-watching and relaxing. We went once again to explore Polylimnio, which I have mentioned before here, a place with 9 lakes and many waterfalls and we ate great, homemade food at a stone tavern at Mesohori.


cecilie ellefsen's inspiring sketchbook

Cecilie Ellefsen is an artist and illustrator who works in Oslo, Norway. She loves to draw and always carries her sketchbook with her. She has created many beautiful images both for art exhibitions and for specific concepts as part of a project. Here are same pages of her sketchbook where you can get a taste of her talent. 


chinoise chic or not...

Looking around the internet today nothing really intrigued me so as to post about it, so I went back to my gigabytes of photos from china and I picked out interesting styles I had been photographing while there.


weekendology s1ep20

We got a good taste of summer this weekend, as we got together at a friend’s beach summer house to get a tan, eat and gossip. The beach was perfect as it had the revitalizing breeze, the sun and the proper amount of people. I loved the house too, as the only sound was that of the leaves blowing in the wind and it had the most relaxing atmosphere.


gardens to dream of...

Amir Schlezinger is a very talented garden designer who since finishing his studies in 2000, has designed and managed over 150 projects, cultivating a particular interest in roof gardens.


style for a princess

Some days ago I found out about a brand that is supposed to be among Kate Middleton’s favorites (yes I read all the gossip), even though it is on the cheap side (for her at least).  The brand is british, it first started in 1971 and it prides itself to equally combine quality, design and value. 


inspirational interior home pictures

Looking for some modern, slick and aerie interior design inspiration, I am looking all over, as well as the internet and my inspirational files, so I thought I would post about it. Ι adore every single one of these interiors.


weekendology s1ep19

Thinking what to write about the best of this weekend, what I enjoyed most was a coffee I had with friends at a posh café at the south suburbs of athens on Saturday morning. These are the green, relaxing surroundings of the café and following the delicious meal that a friend cooked up for all of us to have together.


reminessing barcelona

I decided to be bolder about my true scatterbrain nature in order not to lose interest in blogging, because as all scatterbrains I am intrigued by a range of things and I change into different phases more often that I would like to admit.
So today as I feel strongly disappointed with the general situation here in Greece, as well as my personal situation, I felt like reminessing about my time in Barcelona. A city that I love and I smile to think about, not only because of its strong vibe but mainly because some of the friends that I hold very dear to my heart live there (without me!). 


the style of the demonstration

Today I didn’t feel like writing about anything else, but this. Indignant in Sintagma is a pure civilian movement in Greece that was long overdue, but a phrase from similar demonstrations in Madrid was all that was needed to fire things up. The Spanish made up a slogan, roughly translated as, “ssshh...be quiet, the Greeks are asleep!” So yesterday thousands of Greeks gathered in the central square, in front of the parliament house and had of course their special response (in spanish!), “we woke up! what time is it? It is already time for them to leave!”


zhou fan's jellyfish paintings

Zhou Fan is a Chinese artist, who was selected as one of the 25 Emerging Chinese artists by international art critics. He was born in 1983 in Shanxi Province in northern China and graduated from the art department of Shanxi University. Zhou Fan was given the "special mention" prize in 2007 as part of the Chinese Art Prize. That launched his career, and allowed him to gain much more exposure and go on to exhibit his work all around the world.


restored uniqueness

Restored is an unique concept; shop and studio in one.
It is run by two very creative ladies, Petra and Marijke, while every item in their shop is hand-made by young designers or produced in limited editions. A large part of the collection is made from recycled materials, hence the name Restored.


weekendology s1ep18

This weekend was full of celebrations for a very popular greek name-day and as all my friends got together we got into seeing some of the photos from china. I thought it would be more interesting to show you a bit more from china as I realized I have some pictures of brides taking their pictures after the wedding in the most beautiful places around china. These are only two of them but we saw a couple more that looked equally magnificent.


smiling at the mxyplyzyk store

For those who are wondering the store is pronounced mix-ee-pliz-ik.  The name is inspired by an early superman character. It is an actual shop in New York’s Greenwitch village as well as an online shop that you can find here. It first opened in 1992 and is gathering interesting items from all around the world, from furniture and lighting to homeware and gifts.  


it is all chinese to me!

I am back from my trip all around china after 15 tiring but very exciting days, 7 flights, 3 train trips and uncountable kilometers of walking. 
At one of the airports, some days ago, we begun talking with a group of Germans about our experiences of china and we all agreed the first thing that comes to mind to characterize it is “different”. Everything was different and surreal, especially to me as it was my first trip outside Europe. Words can’t really describe it accurately and as I realized while I was there, photos (my photos at least) can’t capture the atmosphere, mainly because of the scale of everything and certainly because of the sound and smell being such strong elements. 
I did a quick selection out of hundreds of pictures to post two of each of the cities we visited.



off to china...

First thing tomorrow morning I am starting my vacations around China!  
I am super excited and kind of anxious, first to manage to see everything I want, to have limitless energy to walk around all day and last but not least to avoid eating any kind of animals (I think that with their menus, this will be the trickiest). 

I will be back in 15 days. Hope you miss me!

weekendology s1ep17

Weekendology calling…”spring is here!!”, and we sure celebrated it accordingly. May came bringing sunshine and warmth, so my best friend decided to organize a theme party at her garden. The theme?  Flowers of course.  Everyone came, we ate, we drunk, we danced.


MIO beautiful-affordable-sustainable

MIO is a brand of sustainable products founded in 2001 by the Salm brothers, Isaac (the numbers guy) and Jaime (the design guy). They created MIO, with the dedication to educate consumers through the design of sustainable products that are both beautiful and affordable. Today, MIO is still committed to their founding principle, which was the creation of what the Salm brothers call Green Desire. Green Desire aims at consumers to actually crave products that are sustainable and responsible. 


Arkiv instant uniqueness

Arkiv is a young designer from Indonesia, who studied architecture but decides that it was too boring for him. He represents himself by Arkin instant because shelling his toy collections he instantly came with an idea of his debut figure design. He had started painting from architecture school with water color mark and went on to explore many more techniques leading to the development of his cartoon character Arkiv.


weekendology s1ep15

I had such a traditional weekend for Easter, as I went at the most beautiful greek village, my own! It is called Kastania and as my father says, it is located at the sacred ground of Mani.
I have loads of pictures naturally, as I couldn’t put the camera down, starting from views of the picturesque Kastania.


Dinosaur does it all

Dinosaur Designs is an Australian company with handmade design items from homeware to jewellery. The company was founded in 1986 by three young designers who were experimenting with clear polyester resin, the characteristic material of the brand till now. Soon they went on experimenting with a seemingly endless range of colors, forms and patterns, virtually reinventing the medium as their interests evolved.