paola guimerans whimsical fantasies

Paola Guimerans is a Spanish artist that now lives in New York. She does drawings, graphic design, but also works as an educator. She has collaborated with international companies as an art director and has exhibited her work in different cities around the world.


vintage loving

I have a crazy love for all things vintage, from fashion to furniture. I am always looking for sites where I can find vintage fashion or vintage decoration, even to just look at it.
I wanted to share a site of a shop, with an interesting stock of vintage furniture, art and accessories. Bloomberry has a wide variety of vintage mid-century objects in their 1000m2 showroom, which is located at Diemen, near Amsterdam, but ships worldwide. 


weekendology s1ep7

I was in a redecorating mood this weekend and I found some paintings of mine from primary school, so I decided to put up on my wall one of them.  It’s a kind of section of an ant home, with a living room,a dining room with an enormous table, the storage room with all the food and the beds where the ants sleep.


cb2 for shopping home online

CB2 is a modern destination from Crate and Barrel that first opened in Chicago in the year 2000. I recently discovered their online shop and went through their many, affordable, modern options to decorate and furnish an apartment. These are some interior photos set up exclusively with CB2 products.


the fortress of barney

Barney Stinson is a legendary character from the series How I met your mother, that all the fans have loved and hated and quoted occasionally. His house, “the fortress of Barnitude”, “the heart of the bachelor country”, as he calls it, is discovered thoroughly in the episode where Lily goes to live with him. The set designing is done by Susan Mina Eschelbach and Daniel Saks, who have also been nominated for awards for their work in the show.


dacota collective for us

Dakota collective is an american brand that started in 2005 with the goal to create fresh, stylish fashion at a good price. As far as I can tell they have succeeded in their goal. I could easily imagine my face over the model’s in most of the looks (I am keeping the body!). 


clay, wood and cotton and more...

Clay, wood and cotton is an online shop that wants to make and gather all the best of the handmade designed, home objects.  Kristen and Kristy, the owners, united in their love for handmade things and now sell them through their shop here but also created a real life shop in Beacon, Kristy's hometown.


weekendology s1ep6

Once again the weekend is over and we are in Valentine’s day.  If only it was an actual holiday… Well this was a quite weekend, I stayed home a lot and watched a lot of movies, all of which I propose for different circumstances and psychologies. I saw each one at the according time of the weekend.


the walsh house, do you remember ...?

I had the brilliant idea to check out the sets of Beverly Hills, 90210, the series that made my generation who we are today(or not!). It was very hard to watch it again, because now it seems to me as uninteresting as it gets. Nevertheless, I went through a lot of episodes to find some few shots of the Walsh house. I know the pictures are of bad quality, but that is the quality in which i found the episodes and there was very little I can do about it.


banksy yeah!!

How do I start to write about Banksy? First of all, when I was only thinking about starting a blog, I knew that if I ever had one, I wanted to feature Banksy and his work. I looked more intensely into his work when I included  in my thesis, a shop window he did for a pet shop in New York in 2008, that was brilliant, and as ironic as it gets. That’s the video I edited from material from that window. Banksy commented on that window that “If it is art and it is seen from the street I guess it can still be called street art.”

Well Banksy, is the pseudonym of a British graffiti artist, whose real life identity is not publicly known. According to author and graphic designer Tristan Manco, Banksy "was born in 1974 and raised in Bristol, England. The son of a photocopier technician, he trained as a butcher but became involved in graffiti during the great Bristol aerosol boom of the late 1980s." Banksy made a name for himself painting stenciled satirical and political images in public spaces, but always succeeding in keeping his identity hidden. Banksy is now one of the most well known street artists, and is known for his unique critical eye on the british culture, politics and the modern lifestyle.


neo working his illustrating magic

Florian Nicolle, aka Neo, is a young artist-graphic designer-illustrator. He is French, lives in Caen, France, and has studied Graphic design and developed a love for illustrations in the process. He is using a mixed technique while working, and is looking to create his own style, and I think he has greatly succeeded.


weekendology s1ep5

The highlight of this weekend was Friday night out with my girlfriends at a place one part club, two parts buzukia (greek live music kind of club) where two of Greece's most famous singers are performing. Sakis Rouvas and Anna Vissi. 


gossip girl's sets

This time around I decided to look into the set designing behind the series Gossip Girl. I was lucky enough to find out that the set designer, the very talented Cristina Tonkin has her own site with all of her work and that where I found these great pictures. The space I love more is the humphrey loft in Brooklyn, which is an open plan apartment with a very authentic real life sense to it. 


steven alan and style away

Steven Alan, has been a leader in the fashion industry on many different levels. He started out as a retailer with a store in downtown Manhattan. With time he decided to create his own men’s line.  He got to be known for designing a man’s classic shirt, but with a twist. He went on elaborating on his unique, special sense of style and has now expanded to womenswear, shoes and accessories. His spring collection is out and here are some of my favorites.

gianlucca fallone rocks

Gianluca is a 26 year old artist-illustrator from Argentina, now based in London. He started his career in Buenos Aires working as a designer at the Punga design studio. At the summer of 2007 he dedicated himself to graphic design joining Roy Garcia’s studio Rock Instrument Bureau and worked with fashion brands and music bands around America.


discovering street photography

Vivian Maier was an American amateur street photographer who was born in 1927 in New York by a French mother and grew up in France. She returned in the U.S.A., in Chicago and worked as a nanny for 40 years. There and during this time period, she took almost 100.000 photographs, primarily of people and cityscapes most often in Chicago, although she traveled worldwide, taking pictures in each location. That her self portrait.


french bull bowls and more

French bull is a homeware company that was created on 2002 by the Parson’s School of Design graduate, Jackie Shapiro. She had a different, young approach to melamine, marking its return but with a pop twist. The line begun with kitchen products but has gone into the needs of all the rooms of a modern home. Here are some pictures from their site and you can look around yourselves here.