MIO beautiful-affordable-sustainable

MIO is a brand of sustainable products founded in 2001 by the Salm brothers, Isaac (the numbers guy) and Jaime (the design guy). They created MIO, with the dedication to educate consumers through the design of sustainable products that are both beautiful and affordable. Today, MIO is still committed to their founding principle, which was the creation of what the Salm brothers call Green Desire. Green Desire aims at consumers to actually crave products that are sustainable and responsible. 


Arkiv instant uniqueness

Arkiv is a young designer from Indonesia, who studied architecture but decides that it was too boring for him. He represents himself by Arkin instant because shelling his toy collections he instantly came with an idea of his debut figure design. He had started painting from architecture school with water color mark and went on to explore many more techniques leading to the development of his cartoon character Arkiv.


weekendology s1ep15

I had such a traditional weekend for Easter, as I went at the most beautiful greek village, my own! It is called Kastania and as my father says, it is located at the sacred ground of Mani.
I have loads of pictures naturally, as I couldn’t put the camera down, starting from views of the picturesque Kastania.


Dinosaur does it all

Dinosaur Designs is an Australian company with handmade design items from homeware to jewellery. The company was founded in 1986 by three young designers who were experimenting with clear polyester resin, the characteristic material of the brand till now. Soon they went on experimenting with a seemingly endless range of colors, forms and patterns, virtually reinventing the medium as their interests evolved.


moby's photographing

Moby (yes, the musician) has been taking photographs for as long as he's been making music. He premiered in National Geographic some of the images taken by him for his forthcoming photography book 'Destroyed' as part of their Music On Photography series. I really liked his photos taken during his tours, travelling and in l.a.

He is intrigued by humorous scenes and also presents  an interesting , maybe even romantic take of the space surrounding him whether it is concert halls or outdoors panoramas.

weekendology s1ep15

My friends are making fun of the fact that I am carrying a camera wherever I go, if it is the weekend, but that hasn’t kept me from doing it, still! 
We were at a bar celebrating a friend’s birthday and I was taking photos of the decoration as it had a great industrial feel to it and a clever type of measure tape on the wall inspired by its name, 33 square meters. And it is in fact that big, or that small to be exact. 


inhabitat's green design will save the world (except greece)

Today I am trying hard to get my mind of the apparent misery in the future (and present) of this country. Things haven’t been looking good for a while but by now even the most optimistic ones are losing hope.
On a different note, I have been following the inhabitat.com weblog here for some time now and it is filled with interesting ideas regarding eco-friendly architecture, design, art, fashion. It is devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.
They also run a shop with innovative green design with all kinds of impressive items. These are some of my favorites.


melted chair by Tom Price

Tom Price is a British designer and artist. He studied both Fine Arts, Sculpture and furniture design and as it looks, he combines both in his work. This whimsical chair took me by surprise and even more when I read that it is created by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a woven ball of approximately 10,000 black nylon cable ties. 


Stina Persson works her wanders

Stina Persson is a very talented illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. She was born in Lund, Sweden and has studied Fine Arts in Italy, Perugia and fashion drawing in Florence, and also has a degree in illustration from Pratt Institute in New York.
She has worked for many prestigious companies and magazines around the world. Her work incorporates and combines many different techniques, watercolor, acrylic and ink, cut paper and photos.


Kartell design by Milan

Kartell is one of the main interpreters of industrial design in the field of Italian and international companies and one of my personal favorites. This is a preview of Kartell cult products reinterpreted and "milanesified" by personalities bound with Milan. 
Right now you can find all of them only at the Kartell Flagship store in Via Turati - in Milan. They are all classic designs that we know and love, in a new  version inspired by Milan. Enjoy.
Ami Ami, “MI-AMI” by Tokujin Yoshioka.


weekendology s1ep14

It was a summery weekend and as I had to go to the city center on Saturday morning I also I took some pictures. The first one is the Omonia square with some people lying to take some sun (in real life there is a much more obvious decadence!)


DIY inspiration

Yesterday we finally had the long awaited date with IKEA. It wasn’t everything I expected as my (love at first sight) PS VAGO chair we were waiting to find not only was out of stock but will be back next year (sigh).


earth moving anthropologie windows

Anthropologie, one of my favorite brands that I have talked about here, has just posted on its facebook page, its Earth Day windows and they are looking so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to post about them.
Its windows have been my favorites for a while and never cease to amaze me as they are bursting with creativity, inspiration and gorgeous hand work.

Charlotte York's Park Avenue apartment

I haven’t posted over set designing in some time now, so it was about time to look into one of the most elegant, classic yet modern, set designing of a series, in my humble opinion. Charlotte York’s apartment. 
On the "Sex and the City" adored series, her apartment was located on New York’s Park Avenue and that’s where it really was in real life, too. Of course, that’s just the exterior, as the interior is unfortunately only a set. I have already mentioned the so talented set designer Cristina Tonkin here, and have found these pictures of the eclectic chic apartment in her site here.


DIY project #1

The IKEA DIY (Do It Yourself) blogs that I found out here, and spring as I mentioned already, got me in the mood for some DIY solutions for my petite room. I thought to decorate a hanger, so that it looks good on my wall holding all my scarves that are suitable for this season and didn't get packed. 
So, I naturally choose yellow, green and orange as is most of my room decoration and found ribbons that weren’t useful anywhere else (title of shops on one side), some beeds, got my white glue and my super glue out and started glueing. 


Dorothy Perkins dresses and more

My newest find is yet again so chic and with prices so low that I already shopped online (4 dresses for less than 100 pounds). Dorothy Perkins is one of the biggest fashion retailers in the UK, with nearly 600 stores and over 50 international outlets. It has existed for almost 100 years as it began life as Ladies Hosiery and Underwear Limited in 1909.


weekendology s1ep13

This weekend was overshadowed by our Saturday night fever celebrating a friend’s 30th birthday. She is the first one to turn 30 and the domino started from now on. Of course we celebrated it accordingly having a kind of classmates’ reunion and dancing our heads off.
This is our table at the bar, you can tell how much drinking went on.


IKEA sites to DIY

The spring brings me into DIY(do it yourself) mood and I am looking forward to visiting the all time favorite IKEA store that provides the perfect, economical, first materials for some great original results. 
So I searched the web and came up with a list of sites that provide very useful ideas to personalize the IKEA products.

livethemma : a new site written in swedish which is quite a turn off, but still has such great consepts that makes it worth to at least look at the pics.

theikeablog: a blog to share your Ikea experience, including hacks, reviews, discontinued products you will miss and so on.

ikeahackers: a site to help you hack, personalise, repurpose IKEA products into the very thing each person wants.

ikeafans: a community of IKEA fans giving out information about the stores and company and all kind of information you might need but also post some useful ways to personalize the IKEA products.
 Hope you found something useful.