Charlotte York's Park Avenue apartment

I haven’t posted over set designing in some time now, so it was about time to look into one of the most elegant, classic yet modern, set designing of a series, in my humble opinion. Charlotte York’s apartment. 
On the "Sex and the City" adored series, her apartment was located on New York’s Park Avenue and that’s where it really was in real life, too. Of course, that’s just the exterior, as the interior is unfortunately only a set. I have already mentioned the so talented set designer Cristina Tonkin here, and have found these pictures of the eclectic chic apartment in her site here.

Above you can admire the bedroom, which is combining a pale green wall with  a beautiful wallpaper, wood and pink details.

For the exquisite dining room, I found some snap shots from throughout the series. It is white and cream with dark wood furniture for a understated, simple, yet classic elegant feel to it.

“Charlotte's artistic eye would no doubt be drawn to little details”, SATC production designer Jeremy Conway says. "So we put in lots of them.”

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  1. Anyone know the name of the cream wallpaper with the pink leaf in Charlottes dining room????