kiss the rain

The heat wave has overwhelmed me and I felt like looking at photos of rain today. The truth is that primarily, I wished that it would rain so that I can go around walking and getting soaked, but wishful thinking didn’t work this time. So I took a long look around the net for pictures of rain that I loved and here are some of them.


weekendology s2ep3

These last days I spent at my village in Mani, Kastania, as we celebrated the baptism of my twin nephews. It was a lot of work and kind of hilarious to watch the priest, the parents and the godfathers try to juggle everything inside that small church, taking turns in everything, asking who is who all the time. At the same time it was all about the ultimate cuteness, times two. We decorated the traditional tavern of my uncle, set the tables and everyone ate together when the whole thing was over and the babies were all cried out.


francoise nielly impacting portraits

A couple of years ago walking outside a closed gallery in Barcelona me and my friends had been amazed by some amazing, colorful, paintings of faces close ups. They had such a strong impact on us that some time ago when I came across the French painter Francoise Nielly, I immediately remembered that day when I had first saw her work, even though back then I didn’t know her name. As it turns out she is quite well known, she lives and works in Paris, but was raised in Southern France where the imagery and nature is probably what inspired her incline for the fluorescent colors of his portraits.


old town of nafplio's lovely house

It is time to show you the lovely, authentic, relaxing house we lived in at Nafplio that I mentioned here. It has a ground floor with all the main  living spaces and of course the perfect yard and a first floor with 5 bedrooms where we all sleeped. I don't have as much photos of the interior as I would like, but it had so many vintage furniture to die for, that I wanted to pack it up and take it with me.


weekendology s2ep2

The heat right now in Athens is sucking the life out of me. The whole weekend I was in a heat zone, I couldn’t even move from the heat, but I had to go at the city center as I have recently started work at a great space at monastiraki. 


weekendology s2ep1

My birthday weekend was as perfect as it gets! We had booked an amazing house in Nafplio which was in the center of the old town and had a huge yard where I blew my candles. Now that I am 30 all the craziness of what I should have done is gone.
Even more so, as this birthday was the most fun and crazy than I have had in the last few years. So we still got it and we are never loosing it!


oops, there goes my youth...

The big 3-0 is coming up! The clock is ticking and there are 2 days left. So we are packing up with my best friends to go to the gorgeous Nafplio for a 3 day weekend so as to take the news that we grew up as light as we can. Most of the things  on the "before I turn 30" list have been ticked with the living on my own and driving my own car left hanging and taking an extension of another year.
In the spirit of living the moment and enjoying summer here are some photos that I found here by the very talented greek (at last!) photographer yannis kordakis from his global summer series. Also, here is his site.


surfer's way of life

Yesterday, being in the moaning mode and looking around in the internet I found out about british surf photographer Mickey Smith who is travelling the world looking for waves, taking photos and living the life, as it seems. There is a video titled  "The Dark Side of The Lens" that is featuring him and I found it so very inspiring so there it is.

“I never set out to become anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experience for adventure and for passion… If there’s no future in it, this is a present worth remembering.”  Mickey Smith.

Here is his blog and that’s his site here. I first found the video here.


dream job coming up..

I am not feeling up to anything these days as the current situation of the country as well as my own doesn’t seem to be getting better. There are signs of hope but one by one they seem to get shuttered down. That’s why I was kind of absent from posting.
I will insist on my miss scatterbrain title and get as scatterbrain as I want. I say it but I don’t do it. Now I am doing it.
I am turning 30 in 4 days and my unfulfilled working status is sounding more and more depressing. So I will be sending a message at the internet god with all my dream jobs, meaning I would feel more than fulfilled to be living out of one or more of these professions.
Event planner