all clear, vacations ahead

While I have spent most of the summer in Athens I still can’t put myself together to sit down and write an actual post. What’s the deal with the summer? Is it the waves of heat, the much anticipated cool breezes, the light clothes, the colorful cocktails, the cone ice creams?  What is it that makes us so relaxed and out of focus? 


vacation 101

Wow, how sad to write about ones holiday when it s all over … I just came back from Creta yesterday, after a 5 days refreshing vacation made of beautiful, light blue beaches, delicious food and a whole lot of raki. 


weekendology s2ep4

Everything is slowly getting decomposed my routine, my sleep, my mind. As it seems I will be telling you about my weekend on a Wednesday. I once again visited the hot and sunny city of Kalamata where I mostly vacated (in the expected sense of the word) spending most mornings at beach bars, relaxing, eating sea food. Nothing extravagant, very refreshing nonetheless.