video art going on

Some more pictures from our video that i talked about here, which is almost done. We named it “trail” and our inspiration phrase is that everything unrolls, ruffely translated from Heraclitus “τ πάντα ε”.


weekendology s1ep12

I went all over this weekend, starting from the village of a friend near Grevena, at the northwest of Greece, called Kipourio, moving on to the ski center of Vasilitsa, walking around at the Portitsa bridge and looking over at Edessa’s waterfalls and Kastoria's lake. All in all, we were enjoying ourselves while admiring nature’s beauties. 
Take a look yourself starting from the view we had waking up in the morning at Kipourio.


art print for japan

There has been a lot of initiative from the artistic world for projects that aim to gather money to help Japan. Looking at everything all these days I found out about the artist Susan Schwake who donated this print called “birds in the bush” at the Working Proof that you can check out its work here.


window shopping is the answer

I realized that I have not posted almost nothing regarding window designing, so I went through my book of shop windows called “escaparates del mundo” and took some of my favorite photos to show here. They are from shops around the world, they have great concepts and they validate my belief that shop windows can also be art installations.


weekendology s1ep11

It was a weekend of seminars as I mostly spent it at the 11th greek architectural seminar, which was less interesting than expected, but I had the pleasure of accommodating one of my best friends who had come to be there and give a lecture (she rocked it!). It took place at the Zappeion Exhibition Hall, a historic building of Athens.


party tent

ROTGANZEN is a Rotterdam/Schiedam based artist collective formed by Robin Stam (1981), Joeri Horstink (1982) en Mark van Wijk (1984). This tent from their PARTY series is so cool.


weekendology s1ep10

This weekend I was in Salonica, the city that I think is the most European one of Greece. It is so beautiful and of course the fact that some of my best friends live there only makes it better. Here are some photos from the  amazing daytime and the crazy nightime in the city that has it all.


fantasy came true

I am thrilled with this artist, with this concept, with everything about it. The artist is South Korean, named Yeondoo Jung with studies both in London and Seoul and quite well known as it turns out, named Artist of the Year, from the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Seoul in 2007. Some years ago he did an amazing series of illustrations named Wonderland that recreates scenes found in children’s drawings. Some are funny, some are fantastical, but almost all of them are beautifully surreal. 


playful lamp

I just came across some brilliant design filled with humor, so I looked it up and it appears as if the designer and illustrator Meirav Peled Barzilay has more where it came from. She is a 30year old, Tel Aviv based, product designer. She graduated the Holon Institute of Technology and founded her design studio in 2009. She is now launching products for worldwide distribution. 
What I first discovered was her very cool paper lamp that you can squash into a ball and reshape-I am loving it!


botanical crush

I don’t usually post clothes of super famous designers, with super expensive prices but I have a huge crash on this trench coat from the botanical collection made by Stella McCartney.
I w-a-n-t  it! (moaning in a child’s voice), but at $2,045 the dream stays a dream.

weekendology s1ep9

It is snowing right now and I am loving it, let’s hope it will all be white tomorrow! Coming back to Athens yesterday we were driving through the fog and it was quite surreal.


summer in our hearts

Since it appears as though we are in the mid of winter here in Athens and with a 3day weekend coming up I wanted to bring some of the summer vibe to cheer us up. So I turned to the young very talented photographer from Taiwan, Valerie Chiang. Born in 1992, she currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She first became interested in photography when she joined the popular photo-sharing website Flickr. While it started as a hobby it developed into a passion for fine art and fashion photography.


chair design madness

I have quite a lot of my hard disc space taken by images of chairs I like, so I thought I could post some of my favorites. First of all, this is a legendary image bellow from the Playboy magazine, July 1961. All these men are design masters photographed with their signature chairs and in order from left to right, they are the following, George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom.


weekendology s1ep8

That was a really inspiring, calming weekend for me as I went away and toured a bit around Arcadia. It was very cold and refreshing and I enjoyed all the walking and driving so much, and the eating too! I went to a bunch of historical villages. Following is Dimitsana and an amazing phenomenon in Kapsia, where a river ends in a kind of waterfall, where all the water disappears in the earth.