weekendology s1ep4

This was an intense weekend as almost all my girlfriends from college (7 out of 8- we missed you art!) came to Athens from all over (Stuttgart and Salonika) to have a reunion. On Saturday night we had a girls night out at a club and it was quite surreal. I hadn’t gone out at a club in a lot of time and I was in awe with all the semi-naked dancers and the 17-year olds drinking champagne all night long. We had a memorable time, that’s for sure.


friends' appartment

Being a huge tv series fan, I decided to put all the time and energy I have spent watching them to good use and write about them.
I have seen lots of places, buildings and interiors from all the imaginary lives of all the imaginary people on the series and I will include, in this cycle of posts, the most interesting and inspiring ones of them. Of course I will start with my all times favorite series “friends” and its all times favorite space, Monica’s apartment.
That was the façade of their building. As it turns out it is much more difficult than I expected to find shots that show the interior space well, but I tried my very best. 


humanoid fashion: like a human

HUMAN-OID, is a Dutch global brand founded by Sandra Harmsen and Hans Boelens nearly 30 years ago, while the current designer in chief is Cecile Bleijenberg who joined the HUMANOID family in 1998. HUMANOID’s strength is that it is a brand that wants you to dress in style while feeling comfortable. It proposes looking good while having fun and feeling free. Here are some of the outfits I like. They are now having a 50% off sale at their webstore, and a superstock sale at their stores. You can shop online or just look around here


spring is here

The h&m home spring collection is out and this is a preview. It looks all cute and cozy and you can chose between colorful and flowery or edgy and urban.

ribbons all around

Over the last few days I worked on a new idea for my jewellery and this is what I came up with. 


Psychedelic meets delicate

Nadia Flower is a New Zealand-based illustrator whose work is a combination of color, sensitivity, femininity and nature. She creates graphic illustrations combining hand-drawn and computer-based imagery. She has also created patterns, hand drawn textiles and clothing. You can find all of her work here.

weekendology s1ep3

This weekend I didn’t do much as we went to a studio flat that my parents bought for the summer and I have been kind of fixing it up. I am doing it all bright yellow, grayish green and black for now with inox touches. I will show you how it turns out.
We were looking for photos to choose from, to put on frames on the walls and we came to these ones of my parents from the 70s that I couldn’t help but post.
This first one of my mother I absolutely love, it looks to me like a French Renaissance portrait. It is taken, as are all, by my uncle who was the only one in the family with a camera back then.

I am fixated with my family’s pictures from the 70s and especially with their style. It all comes down to this question. Where are all these clothes now and why do I only have such few of them.


Add some spice to life with Rice

Rice is a Danish based homeware and accessories company that was founded in 1998. They are known for their colourful melamine, handmade baskets and storage and our hand glazed Italian tableware. They describe their sping summer 2011 collection as a mix of rainbows, floral peace signs, love birds and a lot of kissing.


Jean Nouvel wins Wallpaper* too

Wallpaper magazine focusing on architecture, interior, fashion, design and travel announced its annual Wallpaper* Design Awards winners. For the seventh year in a row they select people, places and things that have made our year that extra bit special.You can check out the winners here.
In the architecture department Jean Nouvel stood out in the public building category with the  Copenhagen Concert Hall


all styled up by acne

With the NY Mercedes Benz fashion week over, I wanted to present a very creative and unique brand that is said to be among the most promising ones. Here you can enjoy the Spring Summer 2011 Full Fashion Show. Following are my choices from the items now on sale, which you can find here


from australia with love

Kelly Collis, creator of the Ada and Darcy interior-loving blog (you can find it here), started her own online shop named Ada and Darcy. In the few weeks of its existence the shop shows great promise, presenting beautiful textiles, gorgeous prints and romantic pastel colours. 

weekendology s1ep2

This weekend we went out a lot, so I have lots of night shots. Eating, drinking, walking, talking and taking pictures of everything inspiring.


nomoco fairytales

Nomoco is a Japanese illustrator who studied graphic design at Osaka University of Art. She continued her studies in the London College of Printing and received a master's degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, majoring in illustration. Currently she lives and creates in London.


beautifully emersonmade

The so-chic Emerson (that is her actual name, as far as I can tell) is making her Emersonmade clothing line and accessories and whatever else she feels like, in a farm somewhere in the U.S.A. where she moved 2 years ago with her husband and right-hand man (in all matters of life and art as she calls it).

architecture beyond vision

Alan Dunlop, is one of the UK’s leading architects and an educator, teaching architecture in architectural schools in the U.K. and as a visiting professor in universities around the world. He is also a gifted draughtsman and artist and his drawings are being exhibited at the Royal Academy in London. Alan Dunlop had joined forces with Murray Dunlop to create the gm+ad award winning architecture practice based in Glasgow, Scotland, until last year when they ended their collaboration. 



I suppose most of you know Anthropologie, one of my favorite companies, that has clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and yes, a home dedicated department too. It has it all.
These are some of their cool new arrivals I found in their home section online and you can visit their site here to check everything out. Knock yourselves out!!


Illustrations by Peggy Wolf

Peggy Wolf is a German illustrator, who became interested in fashion illustrations during her studies in Fashion design. She moved to London in 2006 and continued her work, which is strongly characterized by a pastel chromatic palette and a strong sense of romantism and serenity.

Norman Foster + Partners: We believe the quality of our surroundings can lift the quality of our lives.

Some weeks ago the new wing of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), unveiled a major redevelopment and new wing designed by Foster + Partners.
The British architect, born in Manchester, left school at the age of 16 and started his global success in 1961 on a graduate fellowship to Yale and he claims that America gave him a sense of confidence, freedom and self-discovery. 

The 1999 Pritzker award winner (equivalent of Nobel for architects) Norman Foster turned 75 this summer and still goes on working hard sustaining a staff of 1000 architects and working on an enormous number of projects: universities, skyscrapers, hospitals, museums, schools and entire city centers, all over the world.
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich- UK, 1974-1978.
Torre de Collserola, Barcelona-Spain,1991.
 Stansted Airport, Stansted- UK, 1981-1991.
Reichstag,New German Parliament, Berlin- Germany, 1992-1999.
City Hall, London- UK, 1998-2002.
Masdar Development, Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates, 2007-...

This emblematic architect displays at his firm's site a series of quotes, some of which I find truly inspirational.

We design by challenging- by asking the right questions.

We work from the scale of an airport down to the detail of a door handle.

We believe the quality of our surroundings can lift the quality of our lives.


weekendology s1ep1

This weekend I took some refreshing time away from the city, road tripping around Taigetos mountain. 
This beautiful flower was waiting to be photographed by the lakes at a location called Polilimnio (meaning lots of lakes) and following is the seaside of the city of Kalamata.


7 years and counting...

Today I have my 7 year anniversary of vegetarianism and as a tribute I wanted to feature some beautiful photographs of nature and animals.
I just found the winners of the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest that are a perfect fit, so I am happily sharing them with you.

Beware of Public Beware

Public Beware is an 8year old, London based clothing company with loyal fans from around the world. 
It started out as an only t-shirt company and now has 3 entire clothing lines, that you can find in the industrial designed and worth visiting shop on Brick lane, at the East side.
The clothes are super hip, urban-chic and as I can tell, besides free-shipping for buys over 100 pounds, they also have started their sale season (they have sales quite a lot) .
Following are some of my personal favorites and here you can look for your own!

Their unique range of clothes inspire an alternative yet sexy approach to fashion, which combined with their low prices, is sure to have an addictive impact on you too.


Johnathan Adler’s pets

Johnathan Adler claims to have spent his entire adolescence in his basement making pots until the age of 27 when finally he realized that he wanted to be a potter. One year later after showing his pots to Barney’s and getting an order, he realized he actually had to make the pots.  After 17 years and a lot of store openings, he has evolved into a interior designer, and has also worked in reality tv (Bravo’s Top Designer).
His store besides the amazing lions, giraffes, horses and all kind of pottery-animals, also has a variety that expands from pillows and throws up to actual furniture and now he has a 30% post-holiday sale in specific items. Check it out here

I am also giving you a quick taste of his interior design skills. I love his mix of modern and glam, his clear sense of humor and apparent love for maximalism. 


Elsie de Wolfe, probably the first interior designer of all times

Elsie de Wolfe is believed to be the first interior designer in history, and I am a huge fan of hers. She was born the 20th of December  1865 in New York City and died in France on the 12th of July 1950.