summer loving

Though I have been web searching for hours I am not feeling like writing about anything else than summer. Yes, the season! We are questioning our vacations this year and I am reminessing all the great time I have had at the greek islands the years before and I looked through some of my last years’ pictures. That’s some of the ones that made me sigh.

I had tons more to choose from. These ones were from nafplio, euboea, mikonos, corfu, sibota, paxous, folegandro, where you can find the true magic.

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  1. hey ifigenia, eleftheria showed me your blog. beautiful pictures. i have one also in case you were interested www.tchgreek.blogspot.com . i hope that we can make it down to athens before the summer ends to see you all, i have never been on a guided tour before and would love to see some of the interesting places and eleftheria said that there was no one better than you. we had such a nice time in santorini, it was wonderful to spend time with you and Kostis. can't wait to see you.

    peace and happiness