inspirational interior home pictures

Looking for some modern, slick and aerie interior design inspiration, I am looking all over, as well as the internet and my inspirational files, so I thought I would post about it. Ι adore every single one of these interiors.


weekendology s1ep19

Thinking what to write about the best of this weekend, what I enjoyed most was a coffee I had with friends at a posh café at the south suburbs of athens on Saturday morning. These are the green, relaxing surroundings of the café and following the delicious meal that a friend cooked up for all of us to have together.


reminessing barcelona

I decided to be bolder about my true scatterbrain nature in order not to lose interest in blogging, because as all scatterbrains I am intrigued by a range of things and I change into different phases more often that I would like to admit.
So today as I feel strongly disappointed with the general situation here in Greece, as well as my personal situation, I felt like reminessing about my time in Barcelona. A city that I love and I smile to think about, not only because of its strong vibe but mainly because some of the friends that I hold very dear to my heart live there (without me!). 


the style of the demonstration

Today I didn’t feel like writing about anything else, but this. Indignant in Sintagma is a pure civilian movement in Greece that was long overdue, but a phrase from similar demonstrations in Madrid was all that was needed to fire things up. The Spanish made up a slogan, roughly translated as, “ssshh...be quiet, the Greeks are asleep!” So yesterday thousands of Greeks gathered in the central square, in front of the parliament house and had of course their special response (in spanish!), “we woke up! what time is it? It is already time for them to leave!”


zhou fan's jellyfish paintings

Zhou Fan is a Chinese artist, who was selected as one of the 25 Emerging Chinese artists by international art critics. He was born in 1983 in Shanxi Province in northern China and graduated from the art department of Shanxi University. Zhou Fan was given the "special mention" prize in 2007 as part of the Chinese Art Prize. That launched his career, and allowed him to gain much more exposure and go on to exhibit his work all around the world.


restored uniqueness

Restored is an unique concept; shop and studio in one.
It is run by two very creative ladies, Petra and Marijke, while every item in their shop is hand-made by young designers or produced in limited editions. A large part of the collection is made from recycled materials, hence the name Restored.


weekendology s1ep18

This weekend was full of celebrations for a very popular greek name-day and as all my friends got together we got into seeing some of the photos from china. I thought it would be more interesting to show you a bit more from china as I realized I have some pictures of brides taking their pictures after the wedding in the most beautiful places around china. These are only two of them but we saw a couple more that looked equally magnificent.


smiling at the mxyplyzyk store

For those who are wondering the store is pronounced mix-ee-pliz-ik.  The name is inspired by an early superman character. It is an actual shop in New York’s Greenwitch village as well as an online shop that you can find here. It first opened in 1992 and is gathering interesting items from all around the world, from furniture and lighting to homeware and gifts.  


it is all chinese to me!

I am back from my trip all around china after 15 tiring but very exciting days, 7 flights, 3 train trips and uncountable kilometers of walking. 
At one of the airports, some days ago, we begun talking with a group of Germans about our experiences of china and we all agreed the first thing that comes to mind to characterize it is “different”. Everything was different and surreal, especially to me as it was my first trip outside Europe. Words can’t really describe it accurately and as I realized while I was there, photos (my photos at least) can’t capture the atmosphere, mainly because of the scale of everything and certainly because of the sound and smell being such strong elements. 
I did a quick selection out of hundreds of pictures to post two of each of the cities we visited.



off to china...

First thing tomorrow morning I am starting my vacations around China!  
I am super excited and kind of anxious, first to manage to see everything I want, to have limitless energy to walk around all day and last but not least to avoid eating any kind of animals (I think that with their menus, this will be the trickiest). 

I will be back in 15 days. Hope you miss me!

weekendology s1ep17

Weekendology calling…”spring is here!!”, and we sure celebrated it accordingly. May came bringing sunshine and warmth, so my best friend decided to organize a theme party at her garden. The theme?  Flowers of course.  Everyone came, we ate, we drunk, we danced.