the walsh house, do you remember ...?

I had the brilliant idea to check out the sets of Beverly Hills, 90210, the series that made my generation who we are today(or not!). It was very hard to watch it again, because now it seems to me as uninteresting as it gets. Nevertheless, I went through a lot of episodes to find some few shots of the Walsh house. I know the pictures are of bad quality, but that is the quality in which i found the episodes and there was very little I can do about it.
The Walsh house tour starts with the very memorable entrance with the arched door. Inside as Brenda or Brandon enter, they have the living room on their right and the kitchen-dining room on the left. The entrance is decorated with this arcade machine, a billiard-balls poster and this blue-tiled stair leading up to the bedrooms.
The living room is very realistic of a 90’s home, with two couches, facing one another, a glass table between them, a huge fireplace on the side wall , a wall covered with a boocase and a very warm, cozy feel to it.
The dining room is on the same note, while the kitchen seems to be the heart of the house, being huge and yellow, with a long black and white counter and enough space for a round, everyday kitchen table.
I really like the two red, two black tall chairs for the counter and the similarly colored chairs for the wooden table. My favorite thing though, is the built bench by the windows with the tiled top.
After a bit of searching it turns out that the house is not actually in Beverly Hills, California but on 1675 E Altadena Dr, Altadena, CA 91001, which is 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles. It now costs more than one million dollars, but no, it is not for sale.

I should not forget to mention that the show’s set designer was Jill Sprayregen Henkel, who is now also doing the sets for “Entourage”.

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