vacation 101

Wow, how sad to write about ones holiday when it s all over … I just came back from Creta yesterday, after a 5 days refreshing vacation made of beautiful, light blue beaches, delicious food and a whole lot of raki. 

Creta sure is one of the most stunning places in Greece and the beaches…there are no words. We spent two days free-camping at what is probably the most beautiful beach in the entire world, Chrisi beach at Gaidouronisi, one hour from Ierapetra. I hope you can tell the amazingness of its colors through the photos. 

Recently I made up my mind that since I am probably loving winter time more than the summer I will be treating the term vacation in a different perspective. All year is suitable for holidays away from the city and I will try to take advantage of every non-working minute. As long as I have the means I will sure be having the will.

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