all clear, vacations ahead

While I have spent most of the summer in Athens I still can’t put myself together to sit down and write an actual post. What’s the deal with the summer? Is it the waves of heat, the much anticipated cool breezes, the light clothes, the colorful cocktails, the cone ice creams?  What is it that makes us so relaxed and out of focus? 

I have a sincere appreciation of everyone who manages to get actual work done in these conditions. Well, I suppose that in real life and not my fantasy world, when something needs to be done in the work area, no one accepts the “it was too hot to do it” excuse.

Since I don’t consider this blog work and I get to write whenever I want, whatever I want (and that is a big part of the joy it gives me!), I think I will keep on being unfocused at least until September.

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