DIY project #1

The IKEA DIY (Do It Yourself) blogs that I found out here, and spring as I mentioned already, got me in the mood for some DIY solutions for my petite room. I thought to decorate a hanger, so that it looks good on my wall holding all my scarves that are suitable for this season and didn't get packed. 
So, I naturally choose yellow, green and orange as is most of my room decoration and found ribbons that weren’t useful anywhere else (title of shops on one side), some beeds, got my white glue and my super glue out and started glueing. 

This is it on my wall, it could look much better, but I usually get more creative the second time round. I am noticing that both the frames and my lamp I have changed up. I will give you a detailed description on another post.

It was easier and quicker than I had imagined and you can tell by the title that I will go on with the DIY projects. Let's hope each one will look better than the one before.

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