IKEA sites to DIY

The spring brings me into DIY(do it yourself) mood and I am looking forward to visiting the all time favorite IKEA store that provides the perfect, economical, first materials for some great original results. 
So I searched the web and came up with a list of sites that provide very useful ideas to personalize the IKEA products.

livethemma : a new site written in swedish which is quite a turn off, but still has such great consepts that makes it worth to at least look at the pics.

theikeablog: a blog to share your Ikea experience, including hacks, reviews, discontinued products you will miss and so on.

ikeahackers: a site to help you hack, personalise, repurpose IKEA products into the very thing each person wants.

ikeafans: a community of IKEA fans giving out information about the stores and company and all kind of information you might need but also post some useful ways to personalize the IKEA products.
 Hope you found something useful.