weekendology s1ep15

My friends are making fun of the fact that I am carrying a camera wherever I go, if it is the weekend, but that hasn’t kept me from doing it, still! 
We were at a bar celebrating a friend’s birthday and I was taking photos of the decoration as it had a great industrial feel to it and a clever type of measure tape on the wall inspired by its name, 33 square meters. And it is in fact that big, or that small to be exact. 

On the way back, with my camera in hand and some margaritas in my stomache, I thought of experimenting with photographing while in motion and I loved the way some of the photos turned out (it might fall in my usual category of being the only person loving something that no one else appreciates-I can’t imagine why that happens to me)

Being a slow and rainy weekend I also got myself into working on some of my jewellery  that I am sending at a friend’s store soon ( hope they sell)
Easter vacations are coming up! For some they already started! Enjoy!

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