weekendology s1ep19

Thinking what to write about the best of this weekend, what I enjoyed most was a coffee I had with friends at a posh café at the south suburbs of athens on Saturday morning. These are the green, relaxing surroundings of the café and following the delicious meal that a friend cooked up for all of us to have together.

 The most memorable doing of the weekend is the demonstration at Sintagma square, on Sunday afternoon, which was inspiring. Once again people of all ages gathered to shout against our politicians, give them the mountza (greek hand gesture) and call them thieves (as they are!). Everyone was angry but civil and as it seems this movement is getting stronger and more organized as lots of people have set up tents so as to stay there all day long.

I had to include this last amazing photo, taken from the indignant facebook photo folder that shows the actual size of the demonstration.

Let’s hope all these positive energy and peaceful actions take us somewhere better that where we are now!

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