reminessing barcelona

I decided to be bolder about my true scatterbrain nature in order not to lose interest in blogging, because as all scatterbrains I am intrigued by a range of things and I change into different phases more often that I would like to admit.
So today as I feel strongly disappointed with the general situation here in Greece, as well as my personal situation, I felt like reminessing about my time in Barcelona. A city that I love and I smile to think about, not only because of its strong vibe but mainly because some of the friends that I hold very dear to my heart live there (without me!). 

I have a file in my computer that I have named what a beautiful city (in spanish) and it is all about barcelona.

(sigh!) I send special, warm regards to my korean, rumanian and greek friends still living in magic barcelona!

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  1. hey! i just posted something but can't see it...it disappeared!
    anyway I will repeat:
    ifigeneiaaaa, i m very touched!and i wish you were here...

    in your photos always missing the popular crowd of barna, but so you(i know you lately have the habit not to include people in your fotos...)

    special + warm regards to you too!!!!!<3