the style of the demonstration

Today I didn’t feel like writing about anything else, but this. Indignant in Sintagma is a pure civilian movement in Greece that was long overdue, but a phrase from similar demonstrations in Madrid was all that was needed to fire things up. The Spanish made up a slogan, roughly translated as, “ssshh...be quiet, the Greeks are asleep!” So yesterday thousands of Greeks gathered in the central square, in front of the parliament house and had of course their special response (in spanish!), “we woke up! what time is it? It is already time for them to leave!”
Yesterday we saw parents with their children on their shoulders or in strollers, but also people old enough to be grandparents, but most of all many, many young people. The demonstration was as peaceful as it gets, with great spirit and of course great style that couldn’t go by unnoticed.
As we all noticed, all star shoes was a must, sneakers was the second option for the guys and flip flops for the girls. Some girls more formally dressed had platforms on (the perfect shoe for standing up long hours!) while the suited up men(straight from work, wow!) had the usual loafers on. Ray ban sunglasses were such a must that we felt ashamed to wear a different brand. Of course, the ultimate accessory was a coffee or later a beer in one hand and a cigarette on the other. That is how a demonstration is done, the Greek way, you have to enjoy it! 

Please notice, thet the policeman on the left is not carrying a shield same as the others but a blank, square piece of plastic (even they don't have money for anything!)

See you same time, same place, same style!

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