weekendology s2ep3

These last days I spent at my village in Mani, Kastania, as we celebrated the baptism of my twin nephews. It was a lot of work and kind of hilarious to watch the priest, the parents and the godfathers try to juggle everything inside that small church, taking turns in everything, asking who is who all the time. At the same time it was all about the ultimate cuteness, times two. We decorated the traditional tavern of my uncle, set the tables and everyone ate together when the whole thing was over and the babies were all cried out.

I am including bonus photos from around my traditional village as well as the most gorgeous beach in the entire world (at least in my eyes) Kalogria, down the mountain of where my village lies. 

So now, I am back at my desk at the so-very-hot athens, looking at these pictures, thinking of how cool the water of Kalogria is. At least the weekend is close...

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