oops, there goes my youth...

The big 3-0 is coming up! The clock is ticking and there are 2 days left. So we are packing up with my best friends to go to the gorgeous Nafplio for a 3 day weekend so as to take the news that we grew up as light as we can. Most of the things  on the "before I turn 30" list have been ticked with the living on my own and driving my own car left hanging and taking an extension of another year.
In the spirit of living the moment and enjoying summer here are some photos that I found here by the very talented greek (at last!) photographer yannis kordakis from his global summer series. Also, here is his site.

These are photos depicting where my mind and mood are right now! Away… by the sea!
Today I got great news on a professional level and as it seems the internet god that I imagined does in fact exist. I sent a wish, IT replied!! I will publish it when I have fully realized it.

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