dream job coming up..

I am not feeling up to anything these days as the current situation of the country as well as my own doesn’t seem to be getting better. There are signs of hope but one by one they seem to get shuttered down. That’s why I was kind of absent from posting.
I will insist on my miss scatterbrain title and get as scatterbrain as I want. I say it but I don’t do it. Now I am doing it.
I am turning 30 in 4 days and my unfulfilled working status is sounding more and more depressing. So I will be sending a message at the internet god with all my dream jobs, meaning I would feel more than fulfilled to be living out of one or more of these professions.
Event planner
(photo featuring Eli Harris art)
Professional photographer
(photo by Tim Walker) 
shop owner
(photo from icon shop in brussels)
(photo of theatre scenography by Kimie Nakano and Mat Deely)

Naturally, architecture, interior design, furniture design, visual merchandising and everything that has to do with ephemeral space will do the trick. Can you hear me people (not affected by the economical crisis)?
Now that I think about it and since I am sending out wishes, professional traveler or lottery winner would also work great. 
And now that we are done with the daydreaming, let’s get back to real life.

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