gossip girl's sets

This time around I decided to look into the set designing behind the series Gossip Girl. I was lucky enough to find out that the set designer, the very talented Cristina Tonkin has her own site with all of her work and that where I found these great pictures. The space I love more is the humphrey loft in Brooklyn, which is an open plan apartment with a very authentic real life sense to it. 
I love its industrial feel, how she has separated the space in different nooks and the way she has used the bookcase and the board to separate and create different uses either of office, dining or  sitting area without isolating them visually. The color of the door and the semi-painted walls really add to the overall sense of a cozy, lived in, cool, urban loft.
Since I found everything so easily this time around, I will also feature the Woldorf’s elegant living room with dining room.
Beige all around, designer furniture and art to give a much suited sense of posh and understated glamour. There is an obvious fluidity in color between the two rooms. The beige egg chairs look lovely as do the ghost chairs in the dining room combined with beige covers, which gives them a new look.
Last but not least, Blaire's romantic chic bedroom.
Useless information of the day: the  building of the Woldorf's penthouse actually exists and really is on the Upper East side of New York city, on 1136, Fifth avenue. It is a 15-story building, built in 1925, by architect George F. Pelham Jr and has a total of 43 appartments.
You can look at more of the Gossip Girl's set designing in Cristina Tonkin's site here.

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