friends' appartment

Being a huge tv series fan, I decided to put all the time and energy I have spent watching them to good use and write about them.
I have seen lots of places, buildings and interiors from all the imaginary lives of all the imaginary people on the series and I will include, in this cycle of posts, the most interesting and inspiring ones of them. Of course I will start with my all times favorite series “friends” and its all times favorite space, Monica’s apartment.
That was the façade of their building. As it turns out it is much more difficult than I expected to find shots that show the interior space well, but I tried my very best. 
The apartment has an open plan, consisting of the kitchen and the living room. It also has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a balcony in addition to the main living area. There is a door, painted green, beyond the bathroom that, as it turned out, is a small closet.
I love the cozy vibe of the apartment as well as the mostly wooden  all used up furniture and the bold color choices. The chairs at the kitchen table are different designs and colors but matching in a great way. 
I looked hard for this photo because I had to show off the iconic golden frame at the pip hole which I absolutely adore.
The living room is getting changed up quite a lot with some changes in fabric for the chairs and different throws for the sofa.
I really like the area under the window with the retro desk and chair, but more than everything I love the purple color on the walls and the french poster over the tv.
Filled with a selection of kitsch flea market buys, Monica's apartment broke all the rules for traditional television set design and was created by Set Decorator Greg Grande. "Lavenders, greens, yellows and pinks - it sounds like too many colours came out of the can," says the series art director John Shaffner. "But it melds together to create a joyous space." 
If you still feel like you need a better look, go here


  1. i loooooooove monica's appartment wish i could get away too with violet/purple walls too

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