Johnathan Adler’s pets

Johnathan Adler claims to have spent his entire adolescence in his basement making pots until the age of 27 when finally he realized that he wanted to be a potter. One year later after showing his pots to Barney’s and getting an order, he realized he actually had to make the pots.  After 17 years and a lot of store openings, he has evolved into a interior designer, and has also worked in reality tv (Bravo’s Top Designer).
His store besides the amazing lions, giraffes, horses and all kind of pottery-animals, also has a variety that expands from pillows and throws up to actual furniture and now he has a 30% post-holiday sale in specific items. Check it out here

I am also giving you a quick taste of his interior design skills. I love his mix of modern and glam, his clear sense of humor and apparent love for maximalism. 

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