weekendology s1ep4

This was an intense weekend as almost all my girlfriends from college (7 out of 8- we missed you art!) came to Athens from all over (Stuttgart and Salonika) to have a reunion. On Saturday night we had a girls night out at a club and it was quite surreal. I hadn’t gone out at a club in a lot of time and I was in awe with all the semi-naked dancers and the 17-year olds drinking champagne all night long. We had a memorable time, that’s for sure.
Next day we went down town to have a coffee all together at Gazi at this cozy bar-café.
My girls have already packed their bags and gone home or are now packing, it was great having them and I can’t wait for the next time we will all get together. We have already set the date. It will be legendary!.

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