weekendology s1ep2

This weekend we went out a lot, so I have lots of night shots. Eating, drinking, walking, talking and taking pictures of everything inspiring.
It was a refreshing weekend as 2 Italian friends of a friend of a friend were in athens, so we met them down town and walked around a bit. Following picture from the Exarhia area, over a collage of photos of topless women, it reads "Reality doesn't exist".
I think being a tourist in Athens might be better than actually living here. You can have 3 or 4 full days constantly being amazed of the culture and the night life and the city. After the 3 days the moaning starts (exaggerating!).  
This is from a restaurant where I went for the first time and enjoyed german food and following is the rainy way back home.
Also a friend of mine who is living in Stuttgart finally came to spend some time here ...youhou! I am looking forward to all the reunions that will take place in her honor!

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