the fortress of barney

Barney Stinson is a legendary character from the series How I met your mother, that all the fans have loved and hated and quoted occasionally. His house, “the fortress of Barnitude”, “the heart of the bachelor country”, as he calls it, is discovered thoroughly in the episode where Lily goes to live with him. The set designing is done by Susan Mina Eschelbach and Daniel Saks, who have also been nominated for awards for their work in the show.
Barneys’s apartment has a well-thought concept, so as to succeed in being the ultimate bachelor pad. It is full of things that try to scare off women, such as a king-size bed with a full-size blanket and one pillow, a toilet seat which will not remain down, and professionally lit bookshelves of porn in the hallway. The lining room is brown with inox touches and this dark, clean style goes all through the house.
I don't really mind the style that looks very well put together and polished, but I do mind the choice of brown and the apparent lack of color and decoration, so I am adding some photos of the house after Lily added some of her more homey feel and feminine style to it.
I can feel the men reacting and preferring the actual size storm trouper in the living room rather than all the flowers. 
Well, so did Barney eventually.

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