weekendology s1ep6

Once again the weekend is over and we are in Valentine’s day.  If only it was an actual holiday… Well this was a quite weekend, I stayed home a lot and watched a lot of movies, all of which I propose for different circumstances and psychologies. I saw each one at the according time of the weekend.
In chronological order I saw, 
Friday night: The King’s speech (I am giving Colin Firth my Oscar), 
Saturday noon: Eat Pray Love (makes you want to travel-more-now), 
Saturday late at night: Exit through the giftshop (admired Banksy’s talent and humor once again), 
Sunday noon: Dear John (cried my eyes out).

Besides all the movie-watching, I also went at a great café, that opened not long ago, in Kifisia and specializes in cupcakes, which I tried for the first time in my life and loved. 
Last, but not least, yesterday we made sushi (or maki as my Korean friend says it is called) with my friends and it was a great success, yam.
 Happy valentine's day everyone!...or not!

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