weekendology s1ep8

That was a really inspiring, calming weekend for me as I went away and toured a bit around Arcadia. It was very cold and refreshing and I enjoyed all the walking and driving so much, and the eating too! I went to a bunch of historical villages. Following is Dimitsana and an amazing phenomenon in Kapsia, where a river ends in a kind of waterfall, where all the water disappears in the earth.  

Here are more photos on the way, as well as Stemnitsa, the most picturesque village of the trip.
I loved it all and I can’t way to go back. There were parts of the road up on the mountain where we couldn’t go because of all the snow.
By the way, it’s the first day of the spring today, though you can’t actually tell it from the weather. Let’s hope that the flowers will blossom soon!

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