art print for japan

There has been a lot of initiative from the artistic world for projects that aim to gather money to help Japan. Looking at everything all these days I found out about the artist Susan Schwake who donated this print called “birds in the bush” at the Working Proof that you can check out its work here.
100% of the gross sale of this print, that goes on until the 31st of march, goes to Doctors Without Borders for the relief of Japan.

Susan Schwake grew up in a creative family and studied fine art at Plymouth State University with a concentration in painting and printmaking in the 70's. Above were some of her prints and following some illustrations that i really liked.

She is influenced by dreams, nature and people in general. She finds it important to keep on exploring her talent, as the "making" part of making art is most dear to her. She sells her work on Etsy and here you can explore her site.

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