summer in our hearts

Since it appears as though we are in the mid of winter here in Athens and with a 3day weekend coming up I wanted to bring some of the summer vibe to cheer us up. So I turned to the young very talented photographer from Taiwan, Valerie Chiang. Born in 1992, she currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. She first became interested in photography when she joined the popular photo-sharing website Flickr. While it started as a hobby it developed into a passion for fine art and fashion photography.

These are some photos from her “seaside” and “dreamscapes” series that covey her need for escapism while I feel that they fulfill at the same time our own need for escapism.

She likes for her work to combine surrealistic and realistic elements while making the viewer create his own scenario for what is the story of the picture. Here is her dreamy site.

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