fantasy came true

I am thrilled with this artist, with this concept, with everything about it. The artist is South Korean, named Yeondoo Jung with studies both in London and Seoul and quite well known as it turns out, named Artist of the Year, from the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Seoul in 2007. Some years ago he did an amazing series of illustrations named Wonderland that recreates scenes found in children’s drawings. Some are funny, some are fantastical, but almost all of them are beautifully surreal. 
 To realize this artwork Yeondoo Jung was collaborating in art classes in Seoul for 4 months and collected a total of 1200 drawings of children from 5 to 7 years old.
What a brilliant, magical concept! Imagine if these realized images are close to the actual images in the children’s minds. 
Check out the more about Yeondoo Jung here.

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