playful lamp

I just came across some brilliant design filled with humor, so I looked it up and it appears as if the designer and illustrator Meirav Peled Barzilay has more where it came from. She is a 30year old, Tel Aviv based, product designer. She graduated the Holon Institute of Technology and founded her design studio in 2009. She is now launching products for worldwide distribution. 
What I first discovered was her very cool paper lamp that you can squash into a ball and reshape-I am loving it!
What the designer enjoys is exploring various materials and finding different ways to use them. Her design is inspired by traditional crafts on the one hand and serial-production on the other, constantly striving to mix the two, test the borders of design and find new ways of looking at things. 
I very much enjoy the irony and fun in her concepts, where the rug is inspired by the hairdo of the men who are turning bold and the chopsticks by the supposed essence of a romantic dinner combining candle lights and chinese food. You can find her site here.

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